Friday, August 27, 2010


In our family P-I-E stands for "PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING" because my mother would never serve anything to outsiders unless it were perfect.

Recently, my brother brought some beautiful blackberries and I made two pies; I had Gerald deliver the better-looking one to my brother and his daughter.

I thought the pie was delicious and the next day I called my brother and asked how they had liked their pie and he said, "It was EXCELLENT, but Tracey and I laughed and said that Mom would never have let it out of the house because the crust had split on one side!"

Since it was family, I guess Mother would have overlooked my "letting it out of the house"!

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Mona Lisa said...


One (choose an ethnic group to offend!) person said, "Pi R Square".

Another one said, "No Pie am round, cake are square."