Monday, December 27, 2010


When thinking about choosing the date for my own wedding, I chose June 19 because that is the date of my brother Ken and his wife Betty's wedding. I told my then fiancee, "They make me know that life-long love is possible." Gerald commented, "And they accepted me right from the beginning."

Looking back, it is now hard to believe that Gerald wasn't immediately accepted by my whole family, as he is held in such esteem now. Of course, WHO would have been GOOD ENOUGH for me then? I was very touched when one of MY nephews recently told me how much Gerald had influenced his life.

As we shared the same wedding anniversary, Ken and Betty and Gerald and I would celebrate our anniversaries together and we went to many memorable places such as The Maramor, The King Cole, Annarino's, and the The Kenley Players, but my favorite was when we saw Ed Ames in the musical "I Do! I Do" at the Country Dinner Playhouse. The song "My Cup Runneth Over" comes from that show.

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Mona Lisa said...

My cup runneth over too--it's a DD cup! OMG, Ed Ames is 80 years old in that video--amazing!