Friday, November 18, 2016


We all know people like this: ones who can't stand to have others complimented. These people always respond with negative remarks whenever compliments about others are stated. They act as if hearing compliments about others somehow diminishes them.

Recently an associate of mine told me that her grandson was appearing in a high school musical.  I said that a friend of ours had a son who was going to be in the same play and I planned to attend.  That same evening, I saw the grandson and I asked about his part in the play and I also mentioned that our friend's son had "the lead" in the play.  The youngster immediately responded, "Well, ONE of the leads."  I said, "Well, if it's anything like the movie, there's definitely just ONE lead!"  

Why on earth would the youngster want to diminish the importance of the person having "the lead" in the play?  Petty jealousy?

My husband's 86-year-old aunt is forever proselytizing with a holier-than-thou attitude, but lacking a true Christian charitable attitude, she oftentimes unwittingly displays her true, petty self.

I mentioned to her that I knew a woman who attended the same church as she and I commented, "She's a very pretty lady." The aunt responded immediately, "Well, she MAKES herself that way." Instead of a gracious "Yes, she is", she was compelled to respond in that catty, judgmental manner. Naturally, being the ornery person I am, I kept saying other kind things about the mutual acquaintance. After my complimenting the other woman's singing, piano playing, and lovely decor in her home, the aunt replied, "Well, she had definite advantages growing up." MEOW!

But, what did my "egging on" accomplish? It was fun for me to expose the aunt's mean-spirited side, but since I didn't tell her that I knew how mean she is, she probably doesn't realize that she IS mean-spirited or that that is my opinion of her.   I doubt that introspection is her strong suit. My husband says she's too old to change and that it would be disrespectful of us to correct her. IF she didn't proselytize and present herself as a righteous person, then I would not feel compelled to expose her hypocrisy. For once, I behaved myself and my husband was proud of me because I DID NOT correct her.

My husband told me that I would demonstrate a character flaw in myself if I were to point out the aunt's character flaw. 

Did I also mention that he is a NICER person than I?

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