Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I hate to drive.  

With tongue-in-cheek, my brotherLes has actually accused  me of choosing friends depending on their willingness to be "the driver" for excursions.  Of course that is NOT true--I am not THAT manipulative--but I am certainly glad that I have a good number of friends who do not mind driving.

Recently, I encountered a new experience in driving: a ROUNDABOUT.   I thought those were   only in England. There I was in Urbana, Ohio, and thankfully, I was using the GPS.  The voice from the GPS rang out, "At the third exit on the roundabout, turn left onto I 36."  

Screaking to myself, "What the Hell does that mean?" Being geographically challenged, I turned the wrong may, which was followed by THAT voice, instructing, "As soon as possible, make a U-turn."  

After a couple of tries, with other drivers honking, and with my throwing up my hands in dismay, other car drivers forgave me and allowed me to continue and I was able to safely reach my destination.  While there I asked, "Can I get out of here without using that damned roundabout?"   Another shower attendee said, "Follow me."  WHEW!  Finally, success!

ROUNDABOUT:  "a type of circular intersection or junction in which road traffic flows almost continuously in one direction around a central stand."  Roundabouts are also called "islands" and "rotaries";  they supposedly reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions by reducing traffic speeds and minimizing T-bone and head-on collisions, allowing U-turns, causing less idling, less pollution, lower emissions, and less noise.  They are popular in the UK and France.

We were in Boston recently, and roundabouts, called "rotaries", are prevalent there.  I was thankful I was not driving!

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