Thursday, August 31, 2017


I volunteer to help at the Food Bank in Bloomingburg when each month--on the first Friday of the month--the Village of Bloomingburg offers a Food Bank but it is not restricted just to the village residents.  Last year, when I told the Mayor Gayle Brown that a mutual friend of ours who is an invalid, would surely appreciate the available produce, Gayle immediately had her complete an application and prepared a box for her.   I calculated that the value of the box prepared for our friend would have cost $30 at Kroger.  Gayle also "suggested" that I could volunteer and then I guilt-tripped our friend Charolette to volunteer also.  The Food Bank services from 85-100 people monthly.  

Around 8:30 AM, on the first Friday of the month, a truck arrives from the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and as the truck is unloaded the volunteers ready the produce to be distributed. with the distribution beginning around 10:00 AM.  All of the food is fresh produce and last month there was a plentiful amount of potatoes, bananas, watermelons, onions, carrots, pears, juice, and salad greens.  

Consider volunteering;  all Food Banks can use volunteers and it is a rewarding experience and good exercise!

I was born in Bloomingburg and attended school there for twelve years;  I have a number of friends there and attend numerous community activities, most recently the Bloomingburg Community Day.  I attend the Memorial Day observance there, church suppers, and other fundraisers.   Both sets of my grandparents, my parents, two of my brothers, one of my sisters-in-law, and two friends are buried there.  As my husband and I have purchased plots next to one of my brothers, I have an ongoing particular interest in the maintenance of the cemetery.

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