Monday, February 22, 2010


When my husband and I began dating, I was very self-conscious that I was older and there was no way that I would refer to him as "my boyfriend". Mary Wells song "My Guy" was very popular so I latched onto that to describe him when talking about him. My friend Pauline told me that one of our co-workers had asked her what my boyfriend's name was and Pauline said, "I think it's Guy." Ever since, Pauline has called him "Guy".

I think that only in southern Ohio do people pronounce Gerald "Gare-uld" rather than "Jare-uld". My husband and I dated for three years and when people ask why we took so long to get married I always answer that he wouldn't marry me until I learned to pronounce his name WRONG as I kept saying "Jare-uld" instead of

The real reason that he married me is that I could keep his neices and nephews straight for him. One of his brothers had nine children and three of the boys I called the "tow-headed stairsteps" because they were in close proximity in age and size. After meeting them the one time, by the next time I called them by name and Gerald asked in amazement, "How do you do that--I can't tell them apart?" I then told him some different characteristics about each one.

Now, Angie and Aron, I'm going to divulge a family secret: Uncle Gerald couldn't tell you two apart until you were grown up. I told him you two weren't IDENTICAL and the easy way to tell you apart, but every time we were all together I would have to whisper, "Aron on the right--Angie on the left!" or vice versa. I'm sure you'll forgive him now!

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Mona Lisa said...

What is it with Fayette County; I just heard another person use "ideal" for "idea".