Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last year on our wedding anniversary, my husband lifted up a champagne glass filled with Coca-Cola to toast me: "I married her for her sense of humor, but then I found out the joke was on me." I responded, "You didn't have the nerve to say that on our wedding day." He answered, "I was scared to death on our wedding day."

The toast with a champagne glass filled with Coca-Cola is a yearly ritual because on our honeymoon, we were having dinner at a very nice restaurant and I looked over at another table and saw a couple toasting each other with champagne. I said, "Awwwww, that's so romantic." My new husband asked, "Sweetheart, would you like some champagne?" I said, I thought wistfully, "No, I just want to be toasted!" My husband summoned the waiter, and I swear he actually said, "Garcon". He asked the waiter for two champagne glasses and the waiter asked what he would like in them and he said he wanted them empty. When the waiter brought the glasses, my husband emptied our Coca-Cola into the glasses and lifted his glass and said, "Here's looking at you, kid." {OK, he had to borrow from Bogie on that one!)

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Mona Lisa said...

Garcon! I hope it was a French restaurant!