Monday, April 28, 2014


Les said to me, "Hey, listen to this song, it's the kind of sappy stuff you like; it's kind of a Bobby McFerrin song!" The song was Happy by Pharrell Williams (listen to the songs from both Williams and McFerrin). It was the first time I'd heard of Williams.

I don't usually watch the Grammy Awards, but I did this year because I wanted to see the tribute to the Beatles. I was pleased to see Pharrell take home four awards for his multi-talents and I loved THE hat!

Recently on CBS' Sunday Morning, Williams was interviewed (see here) and he was remarkably humble. He stated: "My story is the average story, you know. It was filled with special people."

He went on to give credit for his success to others, especially to his teachers. He said, "Well, what am I without them? Take all of my band teachers out of this. Where am I? I'm back in Virginia, doing something completely different." He went on to name all of his teachers!

He said that he writes his music "to raise people up"; he certainly accomplishes that.

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Anonymous said...

I love him and all his hats! ML