Thursday, April 24, 2014


I usually enjoy being with younger people. A young friend had invited me to have lunch. In the midst of our conversation, he began "texting". I reprimanded him and he said, "I'm listening!" I said, "No you weren't; you were texting, and trust me, you are not clever enough to multi-task!"

He said, "I was listening; I know what you said!"

I said, "OK, then tell me what I just said just before I yelled at you."

He answered, "You said old dog!"

I said, "No, my sentence was that I wouldn't want to be old AND dull!"

I told him that in the future, if he began texting, I would get up and leave and he could text to his heart's content, but I wouldn't be there.

Hey, that would be one way to get out of my picking up the check!

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Anonymous said...

I just get up and leave when people start texting; it's obvious they prefer the person to whom they are communicating rather than my company. My doing this has shocked a great number of people. I hadn't thought of getting out of paying the bill; now that's hilarious; I haven't done that YET! ML