Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The kitchen windows were open. A delightful fragrance was wafting throughout the house. I looked outside and the hyacinths were blooming. The pink, blue, yellow, and white blossoms were emitting that aroma. I commented to Les, "Isn't that heavenly?" and he replied, "Closest to heaven we'll ever get!"

I learned that one of my nephews calls me "Hyacinth" behind my back. This is from the character Hyacinth Bucket from the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances which aired from 1990-1995 and is still played occasionally on PBS.

The character Hyacinth demands that the name "Bucket" be pronounced "Bouquet" and she is prissy, nosy, snobbish and she "monitors standards". Her long-suffering husband Richard loves her, but everyone else dislikes her because of her flaws; however, Hyacinth has good qualities as she is very kind-hearted and always reaches out to help her various family members.

Being called Hyacinth is preferable to being called Mrs. Betty Slocombe which is from another British sitcom Are You Being Served?.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're more like a daisy! ML