Saturday, June 11, 2016


In writing the article THE GREEN PEPPER/MANGO MYSTERY, I spelled the plural of mango as "mangos" but Spell-Check would not accept it.  I had to change it to "mangoes"

All dictionaries I consulted (the OED, The Oxford Dictionary Of Current English and Webster's Collegiate Dictionary) show "mangoes" as the preferred plural.

Although words ending in "o" can take "s" or "es" as the plural,  "es" is more commonly used, but then I wondered about "pianos", "concertos", "banjos", "sopranos", "radios", "zeros", "zoos", "dodos", "manifestos", and "videos".

I sighed and said to myself, "Exception always seems to be the rule."

Oh, no, now I wonder if Spell-Check should be hyphenated or should it just be Spell Check!


Anonymous said...

I heard mango all my life! ML

Anonymous said...

I've been mangoed! ML