Saturday, October 30, 2010


There they were:  Stormy, Louise, Sasha, Professsor, Francis, Puff, Spot, Snowball, and Polky, all lolling in the autumn sun.  As I approached, they didn't even move, let alone acknowledge my presence.  I yelled at two of them who were snugly occupying the welcome mat; that didn't work;  I nudged them with my toe and looking very irritated, they slowly moved aside. 

A few minutes later Gerald arrived and was greeted by all nine surrounding him, prancing and rubbing against his legs.  My brother and I were at the kitchen window, looking at the daily ritual.  (Les had bestowed Gerald's title "The Can Opener With Legs")

Les began singing "Daddy's Home", an old Shep and The Limelites song, and we put our heads together to sing "Rat-A-Tat" in our best Doo-Wop fashion, as Gerald, "The Can Opener With Legs", walked through the door.

CATS!    They love "The Can Opener With Legs"!


skymetalsmith said...

That's what I'm talkin about!

Sue's News said...

e-mail from Patty Burch:

"How does a beloved cat die when he is living in heaven there? All those cats look just like my Smokey Joe who is now being raised (or is it reared?) by the people who bought our house. I miss him so much. I go out there and take him treats all the time. The last time, he ate the treat and then turned and walked away from me with his nose in the air!"