Monday, December 26, 2011


"Did you hear that Cedar Point is being closed?"

"Yeah, they don't want boys going to SANDUSKY!"

My doctor told me that joke. As I've written previously in another blog posting, each time I go to my doctor, he tells a joke and I must have a joke, preferably topical and risque, with which to respond! Oftentimes I will call my nephew, ahead of the appointment, to get a joke and he'll ask, "Are you sick?" and I'll answer, "Of course I'm sick, but that's just my mind!", to which he'll repond, "Calling Dr. Freud!" After that Vaudeville patter, he usually has a joke for me to use.

This week, I was able to deliver this line in response to the doctor: "Penn State--the only college where you can major in minors!" It's not as good as the one from my doctor, but I really was ILL!

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Anonymous said...

I want him for my doctor!