Friday, December 2, 2011


When Gerald and I were a young married couple, there were still neighborhood stores like The North Street Market, Elm Street Market, Enslen's and Fayette Street Grocery. We were both working two jobs, saving for the down payment for our house, and shopping time was limited but I watched the sales at all of the stores and whenever Coke was on sale we would go "load up", oftentimes buying only the Coke. Once, when we went to the Fayette Street Grocery, Gerald asked, as he always did, if there were a limit on the cartons of Coke. No limit had been advertised. Gerald already had six in the cart and I was behind him with six more in another cart. The guy answered, "Well, I think four would be a God's plenty!" Gerald and I sheepishly put two cartons each back on the shelf.

To this day, I still shop for Coke on sale and just yesterday I reminded the clerk at the Dollar Store that the limit was 6 and when I got home Gerald said, "Well, that's a God's plenty!"

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