Saturday, December 3, 2011


While I was registering at a local office, the supervisor of the Intake Clerk interrupted and gave instructions of how she wanted to have the Intake Clerk train another person.

Although I thought it was unprofessional for her to interrupt the process, she was precise and to the point. In situations like this, I usually say something like, "I was here first; you need to wait." After Les warning me that I'm going to get shot by some crazed person I've confronted, I have been trying to be a kinder, gentler person! [In stores, when the clerk answers the telephone instead of waiting on me, I always tell her/him that I was there first!].

After the supervisor completed her instructions, she then laid her hand on the Intake Clerk's shoulder and thanked her. I noticed the person cringe slightly.

After we completed my registration I asked the Intake Clerk, "Do you find that physical contact offensive or patronizing?" She said, "Oh, not really, she's very nice." I said, "I thought I saw you cringe." She nodded somewhat in agreement.

I said, "Where I worked that would be entirely unacceptable." She answered, "I know she doesn't mean anything by it; it's just her way and she's always very complimentary." I asked, "Does that make you do a better job?" She said, "No, but it's nice to be appreciated." I said, "You should tell her that I commented it is unprofessional and maybe she'll get the message; it's always better coming from an observant outsider."

When I told the story at home, Les said, "Or maybe she'll say a bitch was complaining!"

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