Sunday, March 14, 2010


I have a guilty pleasure: tuning in to "The View" to watch the train-wreck which is Sherri Shepherd. One should feel guilty watching a wreck, but one just can't help oneself and that's the same feeling with watching Shepherd! How could Barbara Walters, a seemingly sensible person, have hired such an ignorant nincompoop? Shepherd is an embarrassment to women. I love Whoopi and Joy and I feel sorry for Whoopi, who oftentimes intercedes to correct Shepherd.

This week Shepherd said that she hoped that Tiger and his wife could RECONCILIATE!

Other howlers:

She thinks that nothing predates Christianity; not even when she was told that the Greeks and Jews did!
Sherri had never voted before 2008 because she "never knew the dates or anything."
She said she thinks the earth is flat!
She said that she's "had more abortions than I would like to count" and yet, she is anti-choice for other women!
Said that Palin was qualified to be Vice-President because Palin had five children!
She said that Barbara Walters should be "saved". Barbara is Jewish!

My favorite:

Shepherd was telling about going to a gospel concert and she showed a picture of herself with Shirley Caesar and said that Shirley Caesar was "like the BLACK Patti LaBelle." Whoopi had to, as usual, correct her by telling her that Patti LaBelle IS black!

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Mona Lisa said...

This week: she's so stupid she doesn't see any difference betwen elected officials' pecadillos and Tiger Woods'!