Monday, March 29, 2010


I was eating a chocolate covered cherry from the bottom of the two layers in my box of Brach's Chocolate Covered Cherries. You know the expectation; how your salivary glands are awaiting the taste of the cordialing to flow onto your taste buds? As I popped the cherry into my mouth it was dry as the Sahara! The cherries on the top layer of the box had been divine! I broke the next cherry apart--DRY--each successive one on the bottom layer was dry.

I wrote a letter of complaint to Brach's and they graciously sent me coupons for FOUR boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries. Talk about heaven!

In the letter, it stated that something had happened at "the warehouse" to cause the problem!

Years later, when it was part of my job to answer customer complaints, you can bet that I used that "warehouse" excuse to my full advantage!

One of my nephews was twelve years old and had a Tootsie Roll Pop without ANY Tootsie Roll inside. My brother told him that he should be like Aunt Sue and complain, which he did. The really smart Quality Control person who answered the letter wrote it in an appropriate style to a young person and sent him a box of Tootsie Roll Pops and encouraged him to share it with his friends.

A box of pitted Dole dates damaged my food chopper because one of the dates had a pit in it; I called the Dole 800 number and they told me to send the empty box; I received a check for $10.00.

Any aerosol cans that quit working and still have product in them, I return.

I COUNT everything! This is part of my OCD! I had a box of bobby pins and it had one hundred listed on the container; there were only 96; I took them back and the store manager asked, with great incredulity, "You counted them?" I said, "Of course I counted them." He handed me another box which I stood and counted in front of him and it had another shortage. He gave me my money back and told me to go ahead and keep the box!

We had gone to The Warehouse Club and one of the things I purchased was a box of 1,000 packets of Sweet'N Low. On the trip home, Gerald asked, with amusement, "Are you going to count those?" I said, "Of course not." He laughed and said, "Oh yes you will!" I protested that I didn't HAVE to count them. I waited for him to go to bed and later that evening, I was in the kitchen and I had the 1,000 packets on the table, and I had several piles of 100 each already counted, when I had an eerie feeling that someone was watching. I looked around and there was Gerald peeking around from the dining room. He said, "I KNEW that you were going to do that!"

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Mona Lisa said...

I've heard that some companies keep lists of repeat complainers as they believe some people try to scam them!