Thursday, April 22, 2010


In 1968, my purse was stolen from my locker at work. At that time I had ONE credit card, driver's license, SS card and $42.00 in my purse! Fortunately, the theft occured on Saturday and the store with the credit card wasn't open on Sunday! It was time-consuming to replace the SS card and driver's license. Amazingly, weeks later, the purse reappeared in my locker--minus the $42.00!

Since that time, I have been very careful. I never carry my purse into stores or restaurants; I always pay with debit or credit cards in stores and restaurants. I carry the cards in what my husband calls "the safe"--my bra! I only carry my purse to weddings, funerals, etc., where I need something to hold my keys and personal items.

If one is going to carry credit cards, etc. in a purse, here are some guidelines:

Always have credit cards, driver's license and medical cards in separate holders. If using a wallet, never have a wallet/checkbook combination, as thieves usually go for the wallet if they are in a hurry. My niece carries her credit cards in a compact, as she thinks thieves won't go for makeup! Keep a list of YOUR credit card numbers and 800 numbers to call, driver's license and medical card copies AT HOME in a safe place! NEVER carry your Social Security card or birth certificate in your purse. Do not hang your purse on the back of a chair in a restaurant; always keep it between your feet on the floor.

Recently, I was at Kroger and a woman ahead of me had her open purse in the cart. She left the cart and bent over to pick up something from a bottom shelf; when she arose, I told her that she shouldn't leave her purse unattended. She told me it wasn't any of my business and walked off in a huff!

Sometimes "a word to the wise is sufficient" doesn't apply!

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Mona Lisa said...

I keep my stuff in my sock when I go to the store; if they want an ID then I don't need that store!