Wednesday, April 21, 2010


After repeating our wedding vows, we were on our way home, and we were stopped at a railroad track and the train did not move for half an hour. Behind us was an old green station wagon filled with a bunch of kids. The kids were waving and pointing at the "Just Marrieds". It was June and we had no air conditioning in the car! After what seemed like an hour, we got out of the car. My new husband and my brother and his wife were all busy holding up the train of my dress. When I got out of the car the kids jumped out of the station wagon and they surrounded me; of course I had to model my gown!

The mother of the kids emerged from the car and she was wearing a pair of faded, cut-off jean shorts and a raggedy paint-splotched tee-shirt. She did a pirouette, posed like a model, with one hand behind her head and the other at her waist, and she said, "You look good today, Honey, but this is what you'll look like after four kids"

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Mona Lisa said...

Too bad you don't have pictures of them!