Saturday, April 3, 2010


In my family, when a man neglects to fasten the Zipper in his trousers, we always say, "X-Y-Z", which means "EXAMINE YOUR ZIPPER". Last week, standing in line at the Post Office I noticed that a man beside me had his Zipper wide open. I said, "X-Y-Z" to the guy. I have said this for so many years to so many men that I sometimes forget that some men might not know the meaning of "X-Y-Z". I could tell that the man in line didn't understand so I told him about the family saying.

After he zipped his Zipper, he kept getting close to me--uncomfortably close--and he started talking to me in a low voice. As I have hearing loss in one ear, I didn't hear exactly what he was saying, but I knew it wasn't good! Fortunately, it was my turn to get my stamps and leave! Mother warned me not to talk to strangers and I should have listened to her!


Gail said...

Do you remember back when women used to say "its snowing down south" meant that your slip was showing? I do!

Anonymous said...

haha, poor guy. i remember when i had to give a speech to a room of five hundred people, and near the end of my speech someone shouted out that my barn door was open. i looked down and it was wide open with my underwear in full view too.