Thursday, July 1, 2010


I didn't realize that my BLOG items were a part of Google until I received a "comment" on my article about Richie Havens. Donald Havens, Richie's brother, from Brooklyn, NY, found the article on Google and posted a nice comment to the blog article.

On page 188 of Richie's autobiography, "they can't hide us anymore": "My brother Donald also got involved with beautiful drawings for the exhibits and I did some too." The exhibits he refers to were about the maritime museum for children created by Richie's friend Michael Sandlofer.


Mona Lisa said...

See the ripples when you toss the pebble into the pond?

timeless said...

Jerry Epstein would like to get ahold of Donald, Richie, or Michael Sandlofer.....please tell me how to get ahold of them or have 1 of them call me at 951-821-0716