Wednesday, July 7, 2010


TRUE STORY: One of my workers' last name was "TUBAUGH"; Patty reported to me that he had called in sick and that he had to have an operation to remove ONE testicle. Patty said his name should be ONEBAUGH after that!

My favorite: DWARD FARQUAHR (he was Dody Goodman's dance teacher in Columbus, OH, and she would talk about him on The Tonight Show!)

I know a Lewis Lewis.

I know a Beverly Beverly.

I know two people named Jesse James (one pictured)

These names should be under the heading: WHAT WERE THE PARENTS THINKING?

Dick Sweat, NH congressman

Ron Tugnutt (former NHL player)

Andy Friese (another race car driver)

Dick Trickle, NASCAR driver (pictured)

Candace was a very popular name some forty years ago:

Gerald's niece's name is Penelope Candace--they wanted to call her Penny Candy! (WHY do people name a child and then say, "We named him/her that so we can call him/her...": some NICKNAME? Why don't they just name the child the name they are going to call them?)

My sister-in-law had a cousin whose last name was BARR; she ALMOST named her daughter Candace; fortunately, my sister-in-law advised her that the child would inevitably be nicknamed by somebody as Candy and she chose another name!

Scarlet Ann Gray: she was featured in the Columbus Dispatch three times to my knowledge:

1. When she was born--to the world's biggest Ohio State University fan
2. When she started college--at THE Ohio State University.

3. When she married--I bet she was glad to change her name.


Mona Lisa said...

How about Babaloo Mandel, the writer and Swoozie Kurtz, the actress?

skymetalsmith said...

I knew a Anna Barr from Chilicothe. Wonder if she is relation to your sister in laws cousin? Anna married and became a Coleman.

Sue's News said...

From Allen:

Harry Colon