Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Stargazer lilies, white roses, pink carnations, magenta daisies, pink snapdragons, heather and greenery; such a beautiful arrangement.

I'll bet you're thinking: "What a nice husband to give her flowers for her birthday." Oh, no, these are from my friend Bobbi! My husband does not believe in--doesn't understand--why people buy cut flowers. He thinks it is a waste. He will buy plants for the house and plant anything I want in the yard, but I have known him since 1968, and there have been no cut flowers for me.

I've written before about the only time I was in the hospital, after my accident in 1995, and I thought surely he would bring me flowers--and he did--two rose BUSHES.

He likes to remind me that those two rose bushes are still alive and producing lovely pink and yellow roses!

When Barbra sings, "You don't bring me flowers anymore", I chime in with "You don't bring me flowers--EVER!"

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Sue's News said...

For my "BIG 10"--Barbra is now correct!