Thursday, May 19, 2011


Recently, I went to hear my friend Faye Helsel give a presentation about Elder Abuse. She stated that every year there are 2.1 million older Americans who are victims of physical, psychological, financial exploitation and other types of abuse or neglect. She continued by saying that those numbers do not tell the complete story because for every one case reported, there are an estimated five cases which go unreported. She also reported that it is difficult to measure the true prevalence of abuse because many victims never come to the attention of authorities.

In 2010, in Fayette County, from statistics provided by The Ohio Family Violence Prevention Project:

*It is estimated that there are 240-300 cases of unreported seniors abused, neglected or financially exploited.

*It is estimated that 30-50 unreported cases of seniors in long term care facilities are abused, neglected or financially exploited.

*There were 28 actual reports of abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation filed for seniors.

*There were 24 reported incidents of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of seniors in long term care facilities.

The saddest part was to hear that most abuse is committed by family members. The statistics in 2006:

*33% of elder abuse was committed by adult children
*22% by other family members
*16% by strangers
*11% by spouse/intimate partner

If anyone needs further information or where to turn for more information, help or guidance, get in contact with Faye at:

Telephone: 740-636-3900
FAX: 740-636-9301
24-hour Crisis Line: 740-572-2919

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