Friday, May 13, 2011


6%. The voter turnout on Tuesday's election was 6%. It was "issues only" on the ballot and all of the levies were renewals. I noticed a wide discrepancy in the "cemetery levy". I wondered why people would vote against a renewal of a cemetery levy.

In a discussion with another voter about the pathetic turnout, I was dismayed to learn of his lack of knowledge about the issues. It constantly amazes me--and depresses me--when I realize how unbelievably ignorant some people are about issues.

A fellow voter and I were lamenting the low voter turnout and I referenced the various levies and that the "Fire Levy" was the only one with wide support. The person said, "The only one I voted for was the Fire Levy." I was dumfounded. I asked, "How the Hell could you vote against the cemetery levy?" I continued, "I think it's our moral obligation to take care of the cemeteries!" The person answered, "I think people should have to buy their own plots." It took me several seconds to realize that the person actually believed that the cemetery levy had to do with selling plots at the cemetery. I asked, "Then you don't realize that the cemetery levy is for the MAINTENANCE of the cemetery--making sure that the grass is mowed, equipment is purchased, etc.?" The person, realizing that his ignorance was exposed, became very defensive and said, "The only one I care about is if my house is on fire!"

I said, "And NOW I wish that the voter turnout had been 1% IF other people vote like you do, and don't even understand the issues!"

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Mona Lisa said...

I voted FOR everything except the Charter foolishness.

I heard the election COST $15,000!