Saturday, May 28, 2011


Connie and I went to Springfield and, although we planned to go to the Extravaganza at the Fairgrounds, we went to the Antique Mall instead. We saw about 1,000 things we would like to have; she didn't buy anything and I bought one tsochke.

At a display case next to us a woman said, "Well they think she's nuts." I had heard their lively conversation and I asked, "Are you talking about me again?" The three ladies immediately recognized a like-minded person joined the charade and one answered that yes, they were indeed talking about me. In our following conversation, I learned that Carol was here from Arizona to see her granddaughter graduate from high school. I told her and Jan that my husband said the only reason I go shopping is to have "encounters" so that I will have something to write about on my BLOG. Of course, that isn't true, BUT.....

They were interested to learn about my BLOG and Carol said she had an incident to tell about that I could use on my BLOG: she told about flirting with a man and asking if he took Viagra. I exclaimed, "Oh, no I can't write about that; that's risque!" I gave Carol my card and invited her to check out my BLOG. She handed the card to Jan and said that I would have to get in contact with her and I answered, "Hey, that internet goes both ways!"

We laughed and I said, "That's the hook for my story--the internet goes both ways, Carol!"