Friday, May 27, 2011



Our Red Hat Ladies group went to The Tuscan Table in Circleville for our monthly get-together. I was looking forward to going because I'd heard many favorable comments about it. The lunch menu had very few options and I ordered from the regular dinner menu.

I ordered Seafood Alfredo at $17.95 and as the dinner menu was a la carte, it had no salad, soup or bread to accompany it. In addition, I ordered a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup; I received a cup of soup. The cubes of chicken in the soup had an orange tint; the chicken had a strange taste and had a leathery consistency; the meatballs were passable. The soup was very salty and the broth was weak.

The Seafood Alfredo was advertised to have shrimp, scallops and crab. The Alfredo sauce was thin and bland with no herbs; I seldom salt anything but I asked for salt. The four (4) shrimp had a grainy texture and tasted as if they had been thawed, refrozen, thawed and then used; the four (4) scallops were tiny and the three (3) pieces of "crab" were actually POLLOCK! [Of course I counted the number of pieces of "seafood"!] I have had Seafood Alfredo at The Olive Garden, The Macaroni Grill and Villa Nova. All of those have at least PARSLEY in the dish.

The waitress was very inefficient and it took an unbelievable amount of time for her to deliver drinks, take orders and serve us. After the meal, one of the members went to the manager to get our bills. The waitress made mistakes on three of the bills. One of us had a bill of $8.88; she submitted a $20.00 bill; she received $20.12 in change! Being an honorable person, she informed the waitress. The waitress also gave the wrong amount of change to the woman beside me and she short-changed the woman across from me. I charged mine.

I better check my statement!

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Mona Lisa said...

You SAY that you are NOT persnikety, YET how many restaurants have you been pleased with recently?