Thursday, May 26, 2011


In going through some old things, I found three yellow TOP VALUE STAMPS! These were similar to S & H Green Stamps, but were issued by Kroger. I was an avid collector of all the different stamps issued by stores. My friends and I would trade stamps but the TOP VALUE Stamps were always my favorites. I would give 2 S & H for 1 TOP VALUE Stamp!

I wonder why "trading stamps" were discontinued; obviously they were not profitable. They were a "big deal": there were even "redemption centers"; Gerald and I went to Columbus to "redeem" TV Stamps for our first bathroom set which included hamper, shower curtain, rug and commode cover. All of the "prizes" were top-notch brand names.

When I was a child, I remember that my mother collected Wilson Milk labels and she was able to acquire some nice items. I was very disappointed when the Betty Crocker catalog was discontinued several years ago because I had acquired many nice things from there including Oneida flatware and Beleek objects.

At my wedding shower one of my most prized presents was a completed book of TOP VALUE STAMPS!

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Mona Lisa said...

I liked S & H Green Stamps because a lot of different stores gave them.