Saturday, October 8, 2011


I won the "Chili Challenge" for 2010 which was sponsored by the Continuum of Care. This year I shall once again be entering my chili--made by my brother--using my mother's recipe, under the name of the organization "Angels Awaiting Maternity Home" of which I am a Board Member.

Recently Gerald and I went to the Olive Garden in Chillicothe. [Gerald says we can never go anywhere out of town in which I don't meet someone I know.] One of our local judges was at the restaurant with his family. The Judge had implemented a program using local jail inmates to perform community services and I wanted to thank him for the program, because Angels Awaiting Maternity Home has utilized the Community Service workers a number of times.

The Judge introduced me to his wife by saying "This is the lady who beat me in the Chili Cook-Off." I asked if he were going to enter the Chili Challenge again this year and he said that he was. I told him that this year my chili will be entered under the name of "Angels Awaiting". We discussed the differences in our chilis. We both wished good luck to each other.

His display of good manners makes me feel a wee bit bad that I will NOT be voting for him for JUDGE--or CHILI!

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"WEE"--once again!