Sunday, October 9, 2011


Before my brother Les came to share our home, I believe that his mastery of cooking was limited to microwaving and heating a can of chicken noodle soup on the stove. Before Les came, Mother came to share the home with Gerald and me she did the majority of the cooking. However, one time, she was not well when we were preparing food for one of Gerald's poker parties. I was in a quandary--too much to do--and not enough time to get it done!

Gerald was busy mowing the lawn and he would not have been any help as his cooking ability barely matched Les'! I told Mother that I was going to ask Les to help and she said he wouldn't be able to do "much"! I told her, "I'll tell him it's just like an assembly line!"

With trepidation, Les agreed to help. I showed Les how to make Ham Roll-Ups and then he assisted me in making a Strawberry Trifle.

WHEW! We were able to have all the food finished before the party. FAIT ACCOMPLI!

Since that time Les has taken over doing nearly all of the cooking. It's so well-known that Les "did it" that there are a number of people who think that I do not know how to cook! Numerous times when I have stated that I "made" something, I am invariably greeted with remarks such as, "YOU made it; are you sure Les didn't?" I say that I always attribute!

Les has become so accomplished that he is known for his specialties among my circle of my family, friends and acquaintances. A friend recently called and asked if Les could make a sheet cake for her as she had to fix a number of dishes for a Church Supper and she didn't have time to do it all. She insisted on paying $15.00 because she said it was so much better than what she could have bought in a store. Another time she also paid to have Les make his superb macaroni salad. Les prepared all the food for a family member's wedding reception and all the food for another friend's Grand Opening of a business.

After eating at The Pinkerton House and the Pewter Plate, several people suggested that Les and I should open our home for parties the way that it's done at those places. I always say, "NO, we SHOULDN'T!"

Recently I planned to make Layered Lettuce Salad and Ham Roll-Ups to take to a friend's home because she had lost her brother. She and her family particularly like Ham Roll-Ups. As I began to make the Ham Roll-Ups, Les actually took a package of cream cheese from my hand and said he would do it. I said that I had time to do it. He said, "Improvements have been made!" I wailed, "I'm the one who taught you how to do it!" He answered, "Do I need to reiterate?"

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