Monday, October 10, 2011


Unlike most people I usually have nothing posted on the front of my refrigerator. I HATE "stuff" on the refrigerator!

Years ago my friend Patty and I would become fixated with a word or phrase and then we would be compelled to jot down all the words associated with it. It all started with "ROSE"; Patty wrote a note to me with "rose" in it; I wrote back on the same note with some other "rose" reference and then with bits of Post-It notes, stationery, stenographer's log, note paper, and truck schedules, we were exhausted with ROSE! The lists were taped on my office wall and a great number of people would drop by to post a "rose" reference and Patty would hear the wails when they realized it was already posted. Patty saved all those lists and used them in a memory book when I left the company! That book is one of my great treasures! I always make sure that at least one of Patty's birthday cards has a rose on it. Patty usually sends me at least five birthday cards! I always send the same amount to her! We don't like one-upmanship!

Among the other words of our fixation were "moon" and "Lee"; Les would usually top us; e.g.: "R. Lee Ermey"! I allow these "contests" to be posted on the refrigerator.

Recently Les asked, "IF THEY MADE A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT MORGAN FREEMAN, WHO WOULD THEY HAVE NARRATE IT?" I hadn't thought about how many times we hear the mellifluous tones of Morgan Freeman's narration until then.

That contest is now on the refrigerator with these names:

1. James Earl Jones
2. Sam Elliott
3. Dennis Hastert
4. Tom Selleck
5. Andre Braugher
6. Alec Baldwin
7. Tim Robbins

Any more?

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Arminta said...

How about Jack Nicholson (great chemistry in The Bucket List) or Will Smith (intelligent young black man)? Or what about Daniel Stern? I just love him. He did such a great job as the narrator of The Wonder Years, such a unique TV show. Or am I missing some bigger picture here on how we are supposed to suggest the narrator?