Monday, October 17, 2011



Tonight I was in charge of Kallie’s “going to dance class”. Last week Susan failed at her first try with Kallie going to class, but I figured MiMi could talk her into it tonight. Well, the “going to the dance class” worked out fine, but the minute we stepped inside the “dance” building the Bette Davis tears started flowing. She cried and she cried and she cried. At first I tried my tough routine that had always worked on Susi and Tara ("I won’t give you any gum"; "I won’t take you to the pumpkin patch"; "I will be so disappointed in you"; "Grandma Chris will be disappointed in you"; "Michelle Bachmann will be disappointed in you!" NOTHING WORKED.)

Tears and tears and more tears, and then it hit me – my Come To Jesus Moment - this kid does NOT want to dance, period! There I was browbeating her--and her only sin was She Does Not Want To Dance – darn it! She is barely 4, and she does not want to dance.

I even tried getting Papaw to get stern with her, but who could be stern when she looked absolutely adorable in her little pink tutu with her hair in a soft bun just like her mommy told me to do. I told Papaw, “Put on her little shoes Papaw, she is not dancing tonight!” I gave her a big bear hug, told her I was not disappointed in her, loved her even more than ever and we were going home. She sang all the way home. Maybe she would like a singing class.

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Anonymous said...

"I won't dance--don't ask me."--Fred Astaire