Thursday, August 9, 2012


In an earlier article I wrote that Les said that if a movie was described as "poignant", he would definitely mark it off his list of "want-to-see" films. Yesterday, we received our latest Netflix rental and in the description, the phrase joie de vivre was used.

Les handed it to me and said, "Sounds like one of your picks because I'm certain you're the only one here afflicted with joie de vivre and I sure hope it's not contagious."

I said, "You liked Amelie and it had joie de vivre!"

He responded, "I was humoring you; and by the way, if they're described with panache, elan, brio or esprit, I'm sure I don't want to see them, either!"

Helping a White Man Relearn Joie de Vivre

“Les Intouchables,” having broken box office records in France, arrives in the United States with a faithfully translated title — “The Intouchables” — that is not quite English. American audiences looking for a suitable French name for this ingratiating comedy of cross-racial friendship might settle on “Déjà Vu,” since it is a story we have seen many times before.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Les to also steer clear of ones described as "heart-rending" and "profound"!

Anonymous said...

Funny. Auntie A and I have been talking about seeing The Intouchables at the Drexel for a couple of months now.... Still have yet to see it.