Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Before we moved to our present home, my sister-in-law once lamented that my idea of decorating was to have piles of books in every room. I said, "But I have them separated by categories: art books in the living room, music and film books in the family room, and cookbooks galore in the linen closet." I always say that the reason I wanted this house is because of the honest-to-god room that's a library. I thought, "Finally, enough room for my books!" However, as soon as we moved in, I realized that I had too many books for the room! I was glad there were built-in bookcases in all the bedrooms and upstairs hallway. Gerald's books were relegated to our bedroom; Mother's herb and gardening books to her room; Les' eclectic collection to his room and there's a gallimaufry in the the spare bedroom. Gerald's car magazines decorate the upstairs bathroom and yes, there are STILL piles of books in every room!

And yet I had three books on my birthday wish-list!

My nephew said, "This is like THE STACKS at the university!"

Oh, how I love Mr. Lincoln, my all-time hero! For my birthday, my friend Gretchen gave me a book for my Lincoln collection. It is named Abraham Lincoln The Man Of The People by Norman Hapgood. It was copyrighted in 1899 and my edition was published in 1913. The condition of the book was excellent and I have enjoyed it immeasurably. In the front of the book is a nameplate which shows: "From the Library of G. Geo. De Nucci". I went to Google and learned that George De Nucci was a prominent Ohio labor leader. I told my friend that I bet that that union would love to have a copy of the book with his nameplate, but guess what? They're not getting MINE!

My brother Duke made a silhouette of Lincoln from oak wood; it's painted black and adorns the Lincoln shrine!

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