Saturday, September 19, 2015


A young Facebook friend posted that whenever he went to yard sales and auctions he usually returned with records.

A friend's son wanted album covers to frame to decorate his walls in his first apartment. I am NOW his absolutely favorite person because I gave him TWO albums by the Beatles.

When my husband and I married in 1971 we had numerous duplicates of records but I am glad I never disposed of them;  they were stored in the well above the armoire since we moved here in 1984.

When I presented the albums to the young man, he exclaimed, "They are SO RETRO!"

It made me feel ancient to have favorites of my youth to be considered as "RETRO" but it is also very funny!

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Anonymous said...

Remember when the clerk at Odd Lots said that your Cosco step-stool was "retro"? You are retro all over the place!