Monday, September 28, 2015


The name of "Mt. McKinley" has NOT been changed! The mountain was DENALI before it was RENAMED as "Mt. McKinley". William McKinley was NEVER in Alaska and was NOT President when Denali was RE-NAMED.

When William McKinley was nominated by the Republicans to be their standard-bearer for President, a prospector in Alaska had heard that McKinley supported the gold standard, and "named" the ALREADY-NAMED peak in his honor.

As Mr. Boehner and his colleagues are so upset b the President's restoring the rightful name of Denali to the mountain, I suggest that they channel their anger and find a suitable avenue for their desire to have something  named for their NEWLY-IDOLIZED former president.

I think it would be appropriate to re-name THE O.S.U. sports teams "The Fighting McKinleys"!

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Anonymous said...

They should re-name something in Ohio! ML