Tuesday, November 24, 2015


In conversation with a friend I said, "That is clearly demonstrable."  I noticed the quizzical look on his face and he said that he didn't know THAT word.  I said, "You know, when something is easily demonstrated."  He asked, "Are you sure that's how it's pronounced?  I answered, huffily, "I am QUITE sure;  would you like to BET?"  We went to YouTube (listen here) and he said that he'd always said "DEM-UN-STRATE-UH-BULL".  I answered,  "Then you have always mispronounced it;  I hope you've never said it aloud in public!"  

He countered with, "I suppose you've never mispronounced a word."  I laughed and said that my mistakes were LEGENDARY and are posted on the calendar for everyone to see!  "REAL-UH--TORE", "POE-TASSIUM" and "CEE-MENT" haunt me!

I then related about my family's collection of mispronounced words.  As a youngster, when my mother was reading in the Bible, she thought that Lebanon was pronounced "LUH-BANNON' and that Deborah was pronounced "DUH--BORE--UH"!  My brother Bode thought that Catholic was pronounced "CAT-HOLIC"!  Gerald thought that Armegeddon was pronounced "AR--MADGE-UH--DON" and that facade was pronounced "FUH-CADE".  

See my BLOG article from 2012 about FACADE:

Les told me about seeing Kevin Hart interviewed and Hart was telling about being given a movie script for Fool's Gold and the script contained the word façade. When the camera rolled he pronounced the word as "fuh-cade" and the director yelled "Cut!" but, as Hart told the story, the director let him repeat the scene three times before correcting his pronunciation, as the rest of the crew were enjoying the spectacle. Hart said that he knew the word façade and knew how to pronounce the word correctly, but had never seen it in print.

A friend asked if I knew what the word deigns means, but she pronounced it as "deens"; when I did not recognize the word she spelled it and I said that I did know the word but it's pronounced as "danes". Les was listening to the conversation and said, "You know, that's one of those words that one sees on the printed page, but seldom hears pronounced."

In a recent BLOG article I used the word "banal" and then a friend referred to it and mispronounced the word.

Les said, "It's your Francophilia--you just love those Frenchy-sounding words--remember your insanity about niche?"

Other words I've heard fractured by people:

YOSEMITE (yes, Yosemite!)


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