Tuesday, September 13, 2016


When I heard "RIGHT CHEER"  (rather than "right here") used at two large gatherings this past weekend in Fayette County, I knew it was time for an addition to CRINGE--FAYETTE COUNTY TALK. 

 Among numerous other examples of "OUR"  (because I am just as guilty as others) vernacular heard this past weekend:

NOTHER rather than other (as in "a whole nother time")

EYE-TALIAN rather than "Italian"
WADN'T rather than "wasn't"
IDN'T rather than "isn't"
SOSE rather than "so as"
CANNIDATE rather than "candidate"
SUPPOSABLY  rather than "supposedly"

YOU GUYZES rather than "you guys"

And, of course, the Fayette County constants:

IDEAL rather than "idea"

WARSHINGTON rather than "Washington"
FEESH  rather than "fish"
WEESH rather than "wish"
DEESH rather than "dish"
WRINCH rather than "rinse"

When I mentioned some of these at my "Lunch Bunch" get-together today, one member was very offended and she suggested that I thought I was "above" others, I just had to laugh and admit my own faux pas.

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