Monday, September 19, 2016


While I was working at the Democratic booth at the Scarecrow Festival, a man wearing a disgusting tee-shirt which proclaimed that he was one of the "Basket Of Deplorables", approached our booth.

He obviously recognized one of the three of us sitting there, and said to Helen, who is a native of Kentucky, "You know the only good thing to ever come out of Kentucky?"

I didn't give him a chance to complete his insult;  instead I jumped up and screaked, "ABRAHAM LINCOLN!"

That did not deter him.  He continued with his lame "punch line":  "An empty Greyhound bus." None of us laughed, but he is one of those people who laugh at their own "jokes", which is quite sad.

I replied, "So, you think THAT is amusing?  I think it's DEPLORABLE!"  I continued, "You know what Kentuckians say about Ohioans?  That a Buckeye is just a worthless brown nut!"

He ignored me!

He continued his  conversation, asking the whereabouts of another Democrat because he wanted to "razz" him too.  

I've never figured out why people like him possess that particular trait of  masking their passive aggressive animosity in so-called "humor".  

The difference between "US" and "THEM":  when I passed the DEPLORABLE Trump exhibit, I did not stop to "razz" them.

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