Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In a restaurant Friday evening, we were having an enjoyable time visiting with Gerald's nephew Jeff, his wife Melissa and daughter Peyton. We were there early, and as we were entering the restaurant, I made the comment that I was glad we would miss the Friday evening "rush".

After we went to the salad bar, I heard our waiter tell people at another table, "Don't mean to rush ya guys, it's almost time for the rush."

Each time he came to our table, he addressed my husband as "Bud" which I found rather disconcerting, but Gerald was amused so I didn't comment. I was still eating my soup and he started to take the soup bowl, which I had placed on my empty salad plate to make room because our entrees had arrived. I said, "Whoa, I'm not finished." He leaned across the table and asked Melissa, "Can I get them dishes outta yer way?" I couldn't help myself: I said, "I'll bet you can take THOSE dishes!" We all started laughing and the waiter took the correction with good humor and answered, "Yeah, I guess they are those."

Later he asked, "Can I get you guys some dessert?" He was very efficient and solicitous, but I wish someone would tell him not to try to RUSH people and refer to people as "Bud" and "guys". Gerald said, "At least he didn't call me Dude!"

Gerald is a very generous tipper. Later, I asked, "So how much did you tip him, BUD?" Gerald said, "20%; I thought he was a good waiter." I answered, "Well, he wasn't going to get anything from this GUY!"

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Mona Lisa said...

That poor waiter--I guess you think the TIP should have been correcting his grammar!