Monday, March 21, 2011


Jeff Greenfield's new book "When Everything Changed" posits some fascinating WHAT IFS":


What if: President Kennedy was vacationing in Florida after winning the election of 1960. A crazed man strapped dynamite to his body and was going to detonate it when the President-elect came to the door. Mrs. Kennedy came to the door and he walked away. What if JFK had gone to the door?

What if: RFK had not gone through the kitchen after his victory speech after winning the California Primary in 1968?

What if: the Mayor Of Chicago had not received the bullet meant for President-elect FDR in 1932?

What if: it had rained in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and the bubble top would have been on the President's limousine?

I try not to dwell on "WHAT IF" in my own life. When we finished the Contract at Rockwell, the Company offered me the opportunity to go to California. The Company also would provide employment for Gerald. Gerald said that we could do whatever I wanted; he would freeze his retirement and go with me. Boy, was he smart! The burden was solely on me and I could never look back and say "If only I had gone to California." and have any blame other than for myself.

The plant was in Palmdale--in the middle of the Mojave Desert--it was miles and miles and miles of BROWN! Because of the salary offered, I seriously considered the move. I went for the real estate tour and even with the marvelous salary offer, I could not afford a house comparable to ours, but I kept thinking about the salary and the opportunities for advancement. I still had not made up my mind as I was returning home; I was to talk to my husband and give my answer to the Company the following day.

Gerald was at the airport waiting for me to arrive. As we were going to the baggage claim, he asked, "Well?" I said, "I just saw the most beautiful sight--all that luscious greenery--I'm staying right here!" Gerald has always teased me about my decision-making process, and, of course, there were many facets to the decision, but that ugly desert compared to the beautiful green of Ohio just placed it in the proper perspective.

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Today is the anniversary of the shooting of Reagan.