Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My friend Patty thinks there is only ONE way to install toilet paper! When she visits the homes of others she does not hesitate to "fix" the problem but also reminds the people about it. Patty and I had gone to visit our friend Barbara and when Patty emerged from the bathroom, she announced, "I fixed your toilet paper." Barbara asked, incredulously, "What's wrong with the toilet paper?" Patty replied, "You had the paper going up!" Barbara asked what difference it made. Patty answered, "If you had cats you would know that a cat could easily unroll all the toilet paper when the roll is installed that way!" Barbara answered, "But I don't have a cat." Patty, with her usual certitude, answered, "Well, a dog can unroll the paper too; it's fixed now!"

Since Patty and I both suffer from OCD, I could readily understand her passion; however, I HATE the toilet paper installed Patty's "RIGHT" way! I told her that I don't have any cats or dogs in the house and the human inhabitants in the house can be trusted.

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Gail said...

I am definitely an "roll over" person, as the commercial with the cute puppies says. And I hsve a dog, and used to have cats. It still worked fine.