Thursday, March 31, 2011


My husband has some pretty good one-liners.

Recently we were having dinner with some younger people and I mentioned something which happened in the 1960s; one of the people exclaimed, "How OLD are you?" I said, "I'm older than DIRT!" to which Gerald replied, "And I'm DIRT!" [Gerald is younger than myself.]

I was having a "spirited discussion" with a family member, and in defense, I remarked, "Your logic is FUZZY!" Gerald asked, "But does it TICKLE?"

At our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary party he toasted me by saying, "I married her for her sense of humor and then I found out the joke was on me!"

At a Company gathering, a man asked Gerald what it was like being married to a boss and Gerald answered, "I don't have anything to compare it to; she's always been a boss!"

At another gathering, someone asked him if he minded my working with all men and Gerald said, "I say Sue, go out there and make that money!"

When exposed to my mother's answering questions with song lyrics, he said, "Your family is like a Hollywood musical--they sing for no apparent reason!"

But his all-time best one is featured in my BLOG piece "MY FAVORITE STORY ABOUT MY HUSBAND" (see it on the date of January 22, 2010), in which, when asked by the neighbor, who thought he was a handyman, how much he got paid, Gerald answered, "Nothing; the lady of the house lets me sleep with her."