Monday, November 14, 2011

2 FOR $11.00

I was in Kroger parking lot and there was a cart standing in the parking lot and I noticed that it had two 24-packs of Pepsi Cola on the bottom. I knew that Pepsi was on sale at 2 packs for $11.00. I took the cart inside to the Customer Service area to tell that a customer had obviously forgotten to put them in a vehicle. The Customer Service Representative put them behind the desk and while I was still at the desk, within moments a woman ran in and breathlessly asked if anyone had turned in two cartons of Pepsi. The Customer Service Representative pointed to me. The woman thanked me profusely and said what a wonderful person I am!

When I went home and told the story, Les said, "If it had been Coke you might have had a moral dilemma!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad she was grateful; I've had some people not even say "thank you" for a good deed!