Sunday, November 13, 2011


A small group (Elizabeth, Kris, Dan, Jack and I) were sitting around talking and the topic of difficult school subjects was mentioned and Dan immediately began telling about when he was in a Geometry class and he couldn't understand it. He ended his monologue by saying. "It was all Greek to me!"

In unison, Jack, Kris and I exclaimed, "That's because it WAS Greek!", as we erupted into laughter. Dan asked what was so funny. Jack said, "It was a Greek who created Geometry: Pythagoras." I said, "No, it was Euclid; that's why it's Euclidian Geometry."

Jack said, "I think, therefore I am." Kris said, "That's not Greek, it's Latin!" and then said, "Cogito ergo sum."

I said, "That was Rene Descartes; that's the Latin translation but it was originally in French: "Je pense donc je suis."

Jack said, "You two are just showing off now!"

Dan said, "This is all Greek to me too!"

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Anonymous said...

Only YOU would know it was "originally in French"! How does "I think, therefore I'm smart" translate into Latin or French?