Wednesday, November 16, 2011


During the last day of the Campaign To Defeat Issue 2, I was volunteering at our local We Are Ohio Headquarters. I called a woman who excitedly told me that she'd received a call from a "VIP". When I asked which VIP she answered, "Pat Boone." I could not help myself and I broke out in laughter.

The woman was offended. She asked, "So you don't think he's a VIP?" I answered, "No, he's not even a good singer!"

She asked, "Why should I believe you more than Pat Boone?"

I answered, "Number One, I'm an Ohioan; Number Two, I'm a volunteer and Number Three, he's being paid to tell lies and I have the facts on my side."

She and I continued talking (I could see her age on my printout and it was within two years of my age) and she wondered why she'd been called by Boone and I said, "You probably fit the demographic they targeted." She asked what that meant and I told her that they wanted to target people of the age group who would know who Pat Boone was. It's difficult to believe that someone of my age would be star-struck by PAT BOONE!

I asked, "If someone like Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan called you would you have been influenced?" She said that she didn't like either of them. She asked if I would be influenced by them and I said, "Of course NOT but I bet they would be on our side!"

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Anonymous said...

I saw the Pat Boone ads on TV; how creepy is he?