Monday, November 21, 2011


I've written before that in my family, old cliches are frowned upon, thus we have as our family motto, "Where there's a will, there's a relative." "Absence makes the heart ponder.", "Cold hands, warm liver.", "That isn't half-bad, more like 3/4!", are among other cherished NON-CLICHES!

Yesterday, I accompanied a couple in their car to the doctor's office and the doctor ordered the wife taken to the hospital for evaluation. When the wife was admitted, the husband naturally wanted to stay with her. So there I was, stuck without a car; I thought of calling a cab but I'd left my purse in my car. I was denigrating myself for my lack of planning. I called Gerald to come to rescue me but he didn't have his cell phone with him! I called my friend Gail and she came quickly and took me to get my car.

As I was alighting from her vehicle I said, "A friend in need is a pest!"

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Anonymous said...

Love Les' comment! It's gonna be my rejoinder the next time somebody says the moccasin thing!