Saturday, November 12, 2011


We wanted to have a place to have our "Victory Party For The Defeat Of Issue 2." One of our volunteers agreed to be the organizer for the event and to search for an appropriate venue with a reasonable cost. After investigating several places he arranged to rent the Conference Room at the Holiday Inn Express. My friend Dorothy and I had agreed to pay 1/3 each and the other volunteer would pay 1/3 of the cost.

I was at the Headquarters and I gave my share to the organizer and he asked, "When will the other elderly lady give me her share?" Although he did not emphasize the word "elderly", there were several people present and all noticed the use of the word "other" and looked toward me for my reaction.

I screamed, "ELDERLY! You think I'm elderly?"

The guy has no sense of opprobrium but instead said, "Well, anybody your age is considered elderly!"

I said, "First of all, you don't know my age and second, I can still work rings around you!" He nodded in agreement and answered, "But I'm on disability." I said, "I could have ALWAYS worked rings around you even when you weren't on disability!"

I immediately went into my best "Maude Frickert" imitation and began hobbling around, bent over, grabbed a chair, folded it and began using it like a cane!

He said, "OK, I'm sorry, I didn't mean nothin' by it." I said, "Too little, too late."

I went to my computer and looked up "elderly".

OMG, I'M ELDERLY; I never knew I was elderly before November 7, 2011!

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A little sensitive, are we?