Thursday, November 17, 2011


My friend Arminta treated me to a marvelous evening of hearing the 2011 Ohio University's Marching Band perform at the beautiful, historic Ohio Theater. The program selections ranged from their renditions of the music of Lady Gaga to Antonin Dvorak's Symphony Number 9 ("From The New World") and with their rousing signature "Party Rock Anthem" (see my blog article from October 15, 2011). One of my favorites the band played was "Play That Funky Music". [Although the clip I have is from 2008, it represents the music and the theater!] My friend Becky, an OU alumna, warned me to wear ear plugs.

We arrived early for the concert but there was already a large crowd outside waiting for the doors to open. After we chose our seats, a group of young people came and sat in front of us. I was sitting forward in my seat and I had my foot on the frame of the seat in front of me. The person in front reached down and accidentally grabbed my foot. I let out a yelp and the boy apologized. [I immediately thought of some "meet-cutes" from movies such as Claudette Colbert looking for pajama tops while Gary Cooper looked for pajama bottoms.] I told him that he was playing footsie and I said it reminded me of my BLOG article about the kid who sucked my toes ("Barefootin'" from May 10, 2011). Thus began our engaging conversation with the retinue of 110 aficionados! We learned that they were band members from Johnstown High School: Hannah, Tyler, Keirsten, and Ashley were seated with Hannah's mother. Later, Jake, another friend of the group, came to chat with the group but they did not have a vacant seat; Hannah told him to sit beside us because we were "fun". Jake started telling about another friend and he said "Her and me" and of course I had to tell him "She and I." Hannah and Tyler play trumpet and Kiersten clarinet.

Arminta and I were screaming along with the kids. I was coughing because of the screaming hurting my throat and Jake practically lost his voice! When the youngsters started a swaying motion and some "hand jive", I joined in and they turned and said that I was cool. There I was, living vicariously, feeling like a joyous kid again! Hannah's mother told us that their band director is an alumni of OU and Arminta told them that our director is also. Hannah's mother said that theirs was the cutest band director in the state. We agreed!

Realizing that band members are not likely to be considered the "cool" kids at school, it was pleasing to see their unabashed enthusiasm for their obvious passion. All of them want to attend OU because they want to be members of the 110.

Tonight I was thinking of the song "Kids" from "Bye, Bye Birdie," which asks the age-old question: "Kids, what's the matter with kids today?"

My answer is the same as the last line of that song "NOTHING'S the matter with kids today!"

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