Saturday, April 28, 2012


We have a family member who is a "dumpster diver"; he actually goes through trash!

As a teenager, the "dumpster diver" stayed overnight at our home numerous times. Although I knew of his particular quirk, little did I know that he went through my trash; he slept on a sofa in the family room. He once found a planner (a very nice Franklin Planner) in my trash which belonged to another person. Without my knowing, he put the planner in his suitcase and took it home with him.

The next time he visited, I learned that he had considered calling the OWNER of the planner to tell that he'd FOUND it! He and his family members did not understand WHY I was upset and actually said that I was "overreacting" and that "he's just a kid" and they wished they hadn't told me! Although I try not to criticize parenting practices, as I would probably be a poor parent; in this case I felt it necessary. I asked, incredulously, "What do you think she would have thought if you had called her and I had NOT called her previously; she would have thought I was the robber!" He just shrugged! I didn't even address the fact that he'd taken something from my home without asking permission, which, in reality was the greatest offense. As far as I know, he did not receive any punishment.

The story behind my having a planner which belonged to another: during our "spring cleanup", Gerald found the planner under the large pine tree in the back yard. He brought it in and although it was moldy, I could see the name of the owner. The planner contained several IDs and membership cards. As I have a Franklin Planner, I knew the cost and I thought it could be cleaned and salvaged. I telephoned the owner and I learned that she had been robbed several months previously and that the planner was among the items stolen. The robber had come in through her patio door and her purse and briefcase were on the kitchen table ready for her to take to her car. The police and others found her purse, empty wallet, etc., at different placess as the thief had obviously emptied the contents and tossed the purse and briefcase away, as he ran. She thanked me for calling but said that she had replaced everything which had been in her purse and briefcase. I tossed the planner into my trash can. Obviously I should have destroyed the contents.

Needless to say, the "dumpster diver" was never invited to stay again.

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I think he needs professional help!